The next day fish will be shipped to you is October 5th

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Prism Bettas

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The next ship date is September 21st

COLD WEATHER LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE IS IN EFFECT! Live Arrival guarantee for UPS Overnight  shipping only. (shipping nonrefundable) credited torward a replacement

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Any refunds may be charged a 30% restocking fee to offset non-refundable service charges and prolonged care of bettas that might otherwise have been sold to someone else.

Live Arrival Guarantee

Rules for 2-3 Day Live Arrival Guarantee- 
-Live arrival for priority shipping is covered up to $50. A combined order totalling more then $50 (excludes shipping cost) will only be covered up to $50. UPS overnight still covers the entire purchase.
-Due to their sensitivity, wild types (including hybrids) and giants have a live arrival guarantee on overnight only
-Buyer must send a picture of fish in an unopened bag within an hour of delivery. I will check the time stamp on tracking. No exceptions. 
-Replacement for doa will be credited towards your next purchase Must be redeemed within 90 days of original order
-Shipping is non refundable 
-Shipping is non refundable 
-Buyer is responsible for the shipping of any replacement fish.

-Occasionally a fish may fall ill from the stress of shipping. If the fish was shipped UPS overnight and is acting off (more then just pale from stress) upon arrival, please let me know immediately. Once fish are added to your aquarium, I am not responsible for sudden deaths or illnesses. I shipped a healthy fish, once they are in your system, their continued good health is your responsibility. 


Fish are typically shipped every other monday. Please check the ship date in the home screen for the next date.

Due to volume and scheduling, there is no custom shipping available or holding past the ship date. Please insure you are available to receive the fish before purchase. 

 Shipping is $18 flat rate for 2-3 day  USPS Priority. USPS DOES NOT guarantee delivery date.

UPS Overnight is flat rate $55 at checkout, Any unused cost will be refunded at time of shipping